Familiarity of business name is key in today's market. One key way of insuring this is quality work and an excellent "word-of- mouth" reputation.

CR Electric, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality electrical service while serving our customer's and employee's needs by recognizing our obligations to the community.

Our goals are:

• To provide quality electrical work;
• To be the preferred electrician in the Winsted and surrounding area;
• To have customer service that enables a great "word of mouth" reputation;
• To diversify into the commercial, low voltage, and security areas of the market;
• To gain and maintain relationships with numerous general contractors;
• To provide a solid job security for our employees; and
• To progress with the ever-changing "green" market.

**Customer Testimonials will be available soon.

Commercial Services

C R Electric | 6874 230th Street | Winsted, MN 55395 | Lic# EA002557
Toll Free 866-485-3176 | Metro 320-485-3176 | Fax 320-485-4695